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Kansas City Kansas Community College - September 22, 2015

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Not strictly an AES event, but open to all, with AES represented in the organization of it, and promoted during the opening of the evening.

Kansas City Kansas Community College hosted "Pro Audio KC!", an event designed to allow local audio professionals, students, and other interested personnel to network and find out about what we each do in the pro audio industry in the Kansas City Area.

Over 25 people attended the event, and several people commented on how pleased they were something like this had been organized. Apart from specific professional organization activities, an all-inclusive and open-to-all event has not been held before in the city.

Companies represented included: 825 Studios, BRC Audio Productions, Chapman Recording, Crayton Corporation, Element Recording, Josh Barber Recording, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, KCKCC, Missouri Western State University, MixNaster, off-beat-open-hats recoding & sound reinforcement, Platte Woods United Methodist Church, UMKC, Unlabeled Records, and students from KCKCC, UMKC, and the University of Central Missouri.

The event took the form of each person introducing themselves, talking about what they do, and where they do it, and then fielding questions from the other participants. Some participants showed video content, and others played some of their audio work. After that, light snacks and refreshments were available, and attendees had the opportunity to network and talk in smaller groups or individually.

This is an event that the organizer, Ian Corbett, wishes to repeat several times a year, and build upon, opening it up to more sectors of the industry, and rotating it around different host venues in the city. The event was incredibly informative, and some great information and insights were shared, but the introductions did take much longer than anticipated, so next time we'll have a timer for the introduction section of the evening, so more time can be spent more sociably rather than in "presentation" format! ;-)

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