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Salt Lake Community College - July 16, 2015

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The Salt Lake section of AES, also tied in with Salt Lake Community College: Club Resonance - put on a free outdoor concert to give back to the local community. They had games, activities, free music, food, and contests for a fundraiser in order to raise funding for the SLCC Veterans who unfortunately has suffered budget cuts. Members worked on marketing promotions and advertising, we also had others delegate volunteer jobs to involve everyone. We helped with stage setup and sound setup and takedown. We learned how to do outdoor sound, and everything that goes with it. We also raised money for a good cause and had a really good turnout.

Overall it was a fun filled day, with good music, and good bands. It was also a teaching moment from our advisors to give us hands on training, for staging work to learn how to do event planning and live sound for real life applications, and we did it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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