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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - April 10, 2009

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Jay Frigiletto spoke to the Sound Recording Technology Student Section at UMass Lowell on Apr. 08 2009 at the first UML
AES meeting of April. What a nice way to start out the month! Jay came
and shared with us a project that he has finished as a demonstration
of mastering techniques and workflow in Pyramix. He showed us in-depth the cross fade editor, four-point
editing and general mastering ideas within the program.

After the demonstration the floor was open for discussion. The topics
ranged from Career paths, to "field stories." Jay shared with us the
story of his own particular path to success and happiness in the industry. After he finished school at Berklee, he moved to Atlanta to break into one of
the larger hubs of the music industry. He was interested in mastering
and completed an internship at a mastering studio and worked as an
assistant for awhile before starting his own business. He emphasized entrepreneurship and good hard work as main assets needed
to succeed. Jay's business grew and he decided to move to a larger hub
in the music industry, LA. He continues to create a name for himself
in the industry by always remaining aware of new developments and
continuing to be an asset to anyone that he works for. Eventually, he
and his wife wanted to settle and begin a family and so they moved his
business to NH where it is a part of Metronome Media Group in Brookline,

Another interesting topic that was broached was the changing role of
producer/engineer. Jay spoke about the differences in pay and
different roles that were and are played. The class discussed the idea
that engineers are taking a larger role in the creative process and
how one can deal with that during a project.

This was a very successful meeting. The more than two-dozen attendees
ranged from freshman to graduate students. Jay was ever so kind and
gracious and interesting! This would be a good meeting to repeat in the near future!

-MeiLing Loo

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