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Italian - May 16, 2015

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The meeting focused on acoustic musical instruments and their interactions with the environment both during the performance/recording process and rehearsals.

Sergio Cingolani provided a broad introduction to the acoustics of strings, focusing on methodologies for the evaluation of sound quality. Renato Campajola's talk dealt with the recording of various kind of musical instruments and instrumental/vocal ensembles focusing on stereo miking techniques and their relationships with both acoustic properties of instruments from one side and of the recording environment from the other.
Lorenzo Rizzi concluded the seminar by discussing the topic of acoustic correction of rehearsal rooms by warning about risk of exceeding the legal limits on noise exposure and their impact on both musicians and sound insulation target.

The audience encompassed a wide range of age and background, from students to professionals, and showed to be very involved in discussions with all the invited speakers.

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