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Universidad de San Buenaventura - May 1, 2015

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On April 8th 2015, the conference "The Current Sound Design in Colombia" took place on the premises of the University of San Buenaventura, Bogotá. The meeting was led by Daniel "El Gato" Garcés, master of music of the "Pontificia Universidad Javeriana" with emphasis in Sound Engineering, current director and sound designer of Sonata Films SAS, and who also has more than 20 credits in film products for his participation in various stages of sound production.

The speaker began by stating the goal: to know the work of Sound Designers for films. Then from different technical, personal and public concepts began to make an approach to the concept and importance of sound design. Subsequently, "El Gato" shows a state of the art exhibited in cinematographic activities in Colombia, where he told the audience that this territory is classified as "Shooting Location" which carries certain negative and positive implications in the national film industry. It was talked about the laws that have been created in the country related with this kind of cinema products, which have increased the budget invested in films and therefore the number of domestic films released in the year. At this point the issue of the role and responsibilities of the sound designer was also addressed about knowledge of film language to successfully produce a Soundtrack, and the good articulation the designer must have with other directors in a project.

Finally, he showed a little segment of each film made by "Daniel Garces", where he, himself, told us about his experience performing them. At the end of the conference, he made a comparison showing the advantages and disadvantages that could provide narrative needs when the industry uses Foley and Direct Sound techniques in a soundtrack, and also the importance of not abusing the use of sound libraries.

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