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Italian - April 18, 2015

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Thanks to the equipment provided by Audiofilia, the audience had the opportunity to understand what Mastering can do on a mix and what it should don't. Tommaso Marchiori, Lino Sestini and Stefano Domenici promoted the discussion about the loudness war and dynamic compression, Alessio Paolizzi performed some AB listening comparisons with different pieces of equipment, Marco Pacci enjoyed the audience with rare records of funky music from his collection. The audience encompassed both young students and skilled technicians.

The discussion about the dynamic compression was supported by audio examples provided by the Lino Sestini and was meant to provide the audience the basic cognition to judge the result of a good mastering.

Thanks to the high performance of the sound system, the nuances of different mastering processes applied to the same piece of audio has been well understood and underlined.

At the end of the meeting the audience has been delighted to listen to some rare records of funky music from the '70s, comparing the 'old school' of analog mastering with the present digital practices.

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