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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - April 18, 2015

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Students gathered in the Fischer Recital Hall to attend Mill City Mashup, a concert hosted by the UMass Lowell AES student chapter. Bands that performed were all recorded by students enrolled in Multitrack Production, taught by Prof. Alexander U. Case, during the Fall Semester of 2014.

AES officers met monthly with the Music Business II class, to talk about the project, where AES would handle all the recordings, mixing, and mastering of a promotional CD that was given out in exchange for donations, as well as mixing the live show. Justin Oppus (student member of AES) took the reigns as A1, while Scotty Desmarais current president of the AES student chapter handled the recording portion of the concert. The Music Business II class would then handle the promotion and stage management side. Side by side AES and "The Biz Kidz" produced a great concert featuring:

Whiskey James (Patrick Rowe, Sean Patterson, Nik Vlahos, Mike Adrian, and Peter Forbes, all SRT seniors)
Thought About the Pyramids (Colin Murphy, Junior SRT; Ryan Gauley, Paul Poremski)
Blindspot (Chris Cormier, Senior SRT; Alexa Economou, Adam Miller)

The Promotion CD contained the following:
1,2 Blindspot: Where It All Began, Last Goodbye (mixed by Scotty Desmarais)
3,4 TATP: Pickle Juice, Send the Storm (Mixed by Nik Vlahos)
5 Whiskey James: So You're Saying There's a Chance (mixed by Justin Oppus)
6 Whiskey James: Do It For Me Now (mixed by Patrick Rowe)

All tracks mastered by Scotty Desmarais

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