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University of Massachusetts-Lowell - April 15, 2015

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Students met in Durgin Hall Room 114 Wednesday to attend a lecture from iZotope's product designer Jon Ericson. Dr. Ericson prepared a slideshow showing the steps that he took to design iZotope's new edition to their mastering all-in-one platform: Ozone 6.

Dr. Ericson was able to show the students all the mock ups (including hand drawings, Adobe Illustrator drawings, etc.) of the interface, and how the product came from a drawing on paper to software. As well as visual guides, Dr. Ericson played sound clips using Ozone 6 stand-alone to show how each module functions.

Students were able and encouraged to ask questions along the way. Each student left with a 30-day trial to Ozone 6 as well as a pair of iZotope sunglasses, and one lucky student won their own copy of Ozone 6.

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