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American River Regional - March 23, 2015

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General Introduction - Michael Weiss

Specifics of the Setup / Running Event - Delbert Newcombe

    Can we get quality audio out of relatively inexpensive components? How does the output stack up against studio gear?

    Talent - Reid Bartlett



    Home Rig

      AudioBox Two Channel Interface
      AT 2035 Vocal Mic
      MXL 993 Guitar Mic
      Laptop Running Reaper(Freeware)
        Sampling at 48kHz, 24-bit

    Studio Rig

      Neumann U87 Vocal Mic

      "M-S" Setup for Guitar

      AKG C414 (Set in Bi-Directional)

      AKG 451 (Set in Unidirectional)

      G5 Running ProTools 11

        Sampling at 48kHz, 24-bit


      Surprisingly good results from the MXL 993

      Unusual amount of warmth from the "M-S" guitar setup

      Clarity of Neumann U87 imaging vs AT 2035 is evident


      Stems will be made available for home mixing

      Video of the event will be distributed via our social media channels

    Ideas on Future Events

      How to Approach a Mix - Pure Technique "on-the-fly" from Kirt Shearer

      MIDI Workshops


      Studio Tours

    Upcoming Recording Program Advisory Committee / Career Panel

      Tuesday, April 21st

      Meet Engineers, Studio Owners, and Audio Professionals from Across the Industry!

    Next Meeting: Executive Committee - Friday, March 27th @ 8:00AM

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    AES Section Chair Michael Weiss hosted a Home Recording Workshop with Section Treasurer Delbert Newcombe bringing in home-level recording gear. Studio gear was set up alongside the home gear and Reid Bartlett provided the guitar and vocal talent for the comparison. After two takes, the files from the home and studio rigs were bounced to stereo and the audience was challenged to determine which recording came from which setup. The home setup was evident but fared well, especially with the clarity of the guitar. The stems as well as video of the event will be distributed via social media.

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