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U.K. - November 12, 2013

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This year's Cutting Edge Research presents the latest work of Anglia Ruskin University's Cultures of the Digital Economy Institute (CoDE).

Dr. Rob Toulson will present a brief overview of his department's work, and a poster presentation will follow in which visitors can see and hear new research, and talk to the staff and students who created it.

A number of audio and music technology research projects are developed at Anglia Ruskin University through their CoDE Research Institute, the Sound Engineering Research Group and the ARU Digital Performance Lab. Research projects are also conducted in collaboration with, for example, Cambridge University and the London College of Music, as well as with industry leaders including DTS, Prism Sound, RPG Acoustics and ARM. Academics at ARU also publish scholarly work in music composition, performance and record production.

Specific projects highlighted will include technologies and initiatives such as:

- Gestural controllers and tactile sonic arts
- Acoustic absorber design in thermal mass building projects
- Loudness and dynamic range of commercial music
- Electric network frequency analysis
- Granular synthesis for music composition
- Percussion acoustics and quantitative drum tuning
- Music for play and gaming
- Commercial music production projects

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