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U.K. - February 11, 2014

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The lecture will show the evolution of Acustica Audio's Volterra kernel-based sampling software Nebula — a project which initiated from the desire to improve on existing in-the-box audio mix setups without resorting to outboard gear. Starting first as a research project into dynamic convolution, it resulted in the creation of a fast software engine capable of processing large numbers of impulse responses. This approach was later replaced by Volterra kernels as a mathematical generalisation, an improvement over dynamic convolution, and a way of overcoming existing patents.

A pure software approach allowed for a quick development of an active Web 2.0 community, allowing dynamic collaboration between forward-thinking developers, beta testers, audio engineers and equipment samplers from around the world.

The division of competences among developers (library development, skin/graphic development and code/software development) allows for the creation of a new generation of high-quality plugins and a new kind of business model.

This lecture will include audio demonstrations of the latest Nebula software, and will look at the core aspects of the Volterra kernel design and the possibilities for future development.

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