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Boston - February 19, 2009

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Boston AES at Symphony Hall

Boston AES - Feb, 19, 2009
Open Rehearsal/Control Room Observation at Boston Symphony Hall

About thirty members of The Boston AES attended an Open Rehearsal of the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the world-famous Boston Symphony Hall on Feb., 19, 2009. The BSO ran through sections of Mozart's last three Symphonies (#39, #40, #41) led by Conductor James Levine.
Members were broken into two groups, switching at intermission between the orchestra rehearsal in the hall and hanging out in the control room downstairs. Recording Engineer John Newton from Sound Mirror and his two assistants walked through the various microphone configurations used for the performance recordings. They explained how the mic inputs could be split and fed to different locations to accommodate broadcasting or other external production requirements. He outlined the various recording formats that were used for archiving and CD duplication through the process of getting the recordings to the marketplace. Attendees were free to sit in the mix position and solo/mute faders to listen to the microphones at the various locations in the hall. Overall, it was an informative and interesting experience for all who attended.

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