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Argentina - October 29, 2014

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On October, 29th was held the first participation of AES Argentina Section under a CAPER Expo. With the premise of bringing AES Argentina Section closer to the Broadcast industry, and with the support of ARS and RTS firms, Mr. Marcelo Maggiore, from the Public Argentina Television led the presentation:
"Development and implementation of a multi-array communications". Communications Analysis of the Public TV during the Soccer World Cup in Brazil 2014

The speaker talked about how the communication system of the public television in Argentina evolved from the World Cup in South Africa 2010 to the Brazilian experience in 2014. Also, how the operation and implementation of the communication system was designed so that operating and coordinating was possible between the studios in Buenos Aires and both the mobile units and studios in Brazil, as within the country in a flexible way, like they were on the same floor.
He explained the usage of various components such as physical arrays, virtual matrix, trunking systems, resource management, dynamic monitoring assignment, the importance of system management in a centralized way, the usage of programming resources UPL's, VPNs and especially the ability to listen and understand the needs of different users in order to provide effective solutions to achieve reaching the end of the Soccer World Cup 2014 with 85.000 flawless communication crosses between about 400 different users.

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