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Japan - August 28, 2014

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It is the fifth annual seminar which has been planned to held annually since 2010.
The seminar consists of 12 classes which covers most of areas on acoustics and audio technologies. in the seminar professionals give lectures which should be usually learned in universities as a special knowledge expertise.
This year, a total of 67 people attended the seminar, and 14 people joined AES this time.
The seminar has one master class which introduces latest technologies on acoustics and audio. This year, it was entitled "Sound Field Visualization: Measurement and Application." First, Prof. Akira Omoto from Kyushu University outlined typical measurement techniques used for visualization of reflection, noise source and the other acoustic problems. Secondly, Dr. Masataka Nakahara from SONA / ONFUTURE, introduced his application named Virtual Source Visualizer, which visualize the dominant reflections by sound intensity response in enclosed sound field. Subsequently, Prof. Toshiki Hanyu from Nihon University showed his method using intensity measurement by Cardioid microphone, which was called C-C method. Finally, Mr. Kazuhiro Takashima from Nittobo Acoustic Engineering showed their application Noise Vision, which used the rigid sphere baffled microphone array and beam-forming algorithm. He also showed some results of near field acoustic holography measurement. After short question and answer, Dr. Nakahara demonstrated practical measurement of intensity response and visualization with panoramic photos.

The titles of the lectures are as follows.

[1st day] 9:00 — 18:00, August 28th

@ Lecture Room 1
-2.0h : (A2) Psychoacous (Atsuhi Marui)
-2.0h : (A4) Electroacoustics (Yoshitaka Tamura)
-3.0h : (B1) Room Acoustics (Masataka Nakahara)

@ Lecture Room 3
-2.0h : (A1) Basic Properties of Sound (Kazuma Hoshi)
-2.0h : (C1) Technical Writing in English (Bike H. Suzuki)
-3.0h : (B3) Digital Signal Processing (Hisaharu Suzuki)

[2nd day] 9:00 — 17:30, August 29th

@ Lecture Room 1
-3.0h : (B4) Loudspeaker (Shinji Koyano)?-2.0h : (B5) Microphone (Kazuho Ono)
-2.0h : (M) Sound Field Visualization: Measurement and Application (Akira Omoto, Masataka Nakahara, Toshiki Hanyu and Kazuhiro Takashima)

@ Lecture Room 3
-3.0h : (B2) Psychoacoustical Experiments (Atsushi Marui)
-2.5h : (A3) Digital Audio (Dai Kikuchi)

@ Studio A
-3.0h : (B6) Stereophonic Recording (Toru Kamekawa)

[Banquet] 18:30 — 21:00, August 29th

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