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American River Regional - February 20, 2009

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At the request of the people, American River AES gathered instructors and students of the AES network who use a various software and interfaces that fit their needs at home. Mike Crain, Josiah Zamora, Steve Weidel and Robert Johnson brought in their portable gear to demonstrate on an overhead their use for MACs, PCs, Cubase, Sonar, Ableton Live, Nuendo and Reason to their needs as users of Hop Hop, Percussionist, Electronica and general engineering use as a business. Mike Crain also demonstrated how easy it was to use ReWire. This event helped the attendees better understand their needs and better understand what to specifically look for and not be suckered by the sales reps at the retail stores. Attendees praised the event, some even claiming they easily saved hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars towards their build up.

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