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Javeriana University - March 25, 2014

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In March, 14 students visited the studio Quantica Music, which owns Mauricio Castillo, a Colombian producer, composer and trombonist. This visit was managed and promoted by the AES Committee of the Javeriana University, which included a pre-registration of limited capacity.
Quantic Music, located in the city of Bogotá, is a recording studio whose principal activity is the production of Colombian tropical music. It is also very attractive to bands and musicians because of its vintage outboard.
On the other hand, Mauro Castillo, is a renowned musician in the Colombian industry. He has been member of groups such as Grupo Niche, and artists like Oscar D 'León and Jario Varela. He has also composed songs for other artists, among which stands out El Joe Arroyo; he has won several national awards, has been nominated to two Grammys for his work with the groups N'Klabe and Tito Nieves, and has received four Gold Discs among the seven discs that he has recorded.
In the visit to the recording studio, the students received a recording workshop of Latin percussion, and also reviewed the microphones and the outboard of the studio.
This visit is an initiative that the AES Javeriana Committee intends to develop in order to create opportunities for students to meet, discover and get an idea of the functioning and dynamics that have the recording studios in the city. It is expected that this year can be coordinated more visits to various studios in Bogotá.

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