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Middle Tennessee State University - January 29, 2014

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Nashville-based audio engineer Eric Elwell is a veteran of the studio and touring industry who now works as a project specialist in high-performance audio solutions at Technical Innovation ( The company, headquartered in Atlanta, is a nationwide provider of technical system design and integration services for corporations, state and federal government agencies, universities, professional organizations, and the church market. TI solutions range from audio/video installations to emerging technologies including streaming video, on-demand rich media, collaborative video conferencing, HDTV, and digital archiving and retrieval, among others.

Elwell described the progression of his career and identified critical skills that can assist any entertainment-industry technician to navigate technology changes and evolving business models. These include a commitment to lifelong learning, a strong work ethic and effective interpersonal skills.

Drawing on several technical case studies, Elwell demonstrated that video dominates many aspects of contemporary systems integration. With that in mind, he encouraged audio engineering students to learn as much as possible about video technology and production techniques. He also explained that IP networks and information technology are central to all modern systems designs. Nonetheless, traditional audio-oriented skills such as critical listening, troubleshooting and artistic collaboration also remain relevant in the context of the evolving communications and entertainment industries.

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