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Netherlands - January 14, 2014

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The acoustic perception of the environment is mostly subjective. We try to translate this subjective experience to physical processes and technical design rules. This often results in single-number specifications that do not sufficiently cover the issue.
In his presentation Ben Kok treated a number of qualitative aspects of subjective acoustic perception and how this can be influenced by specific materials or measures. Ben took the almost 60 attendees on a journey through the acoustics landscape of small venues, like studio rooms, the living room, the car and others. He developed an overview of how the sound field develops in such venues and the limitations, especially for low frequencies.

In turn, Ben discussed issues such as the difference between absorption and reflection and the characteristics we want from reflection, like early of late reflections, diffuse or not, etcetera. Absorption was further treated in terms of material selected, size/thickness of the constructions, related to the absorption goal. Diffusion was extensively discussed in terms of solutions based on commercial products as well as natural use of available objects like book cases. Where useful, graphs and pictures with practical examples were shown from the many worldwide projects realized by Kok.

Finally, aspects of loudspeaker placement in such small venues and the large variations within the sound field were discussed

This was another very enlightening evening where many different aspects of sound reproduction in small venues were placed in 'holistic' perspective, leading to increased understanding. The discussions went on well past the formal closure time; a clear indication that once again this presentation filled a need. With many thanks to Ben Kok for his efforts and time.

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