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Middle Tennessee State University - October 28, 2010

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On October 28, 2010 a small group of students gathered at the lobby of the newly renovated Tucker Theater to finally get a chance to tour the upgraded facilities and listen to the new $150,000 sound system installed by Spectrum Sound, in Nashville, TN.The tour started off at front of house where the theater manager, Justin, explained the choice of the Roland V-Series console at front of house and the cat5e audio network throughout the theater.

Following, the group preceded to underneath the stage where the new d&b amplifiers, system processors, and audio network switch were. The power switching system was shown off, to turn on and off the system it was as easy as a one button press. No worrying about what should come on first in the system.

Next, the group moved to the stage where the stage left speaker hang was bought in. The rigging systems were demo'ed and displayed. Justin talked about the process that Spectrum Sound went through to tune the sound system. Professor McKinnie was on hand to talk about the differences between a point source and a line source and how the line source was beneficial in Tucker Theater.

Finally, the students in attendance got to walk around the room and listen to the system and sub-systems. A wide verity of music was played, from Lyle Lovett to Justin Timberlake. The students were quite surprised by the details the system was able to show on the softer tunes, while still being able to hit the low sub-octave notes quite well.

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