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New England School of Communications - October 10, 2013

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Tonight we brought in a special guest, Marc Urselli: An award winning sound engineer, producer, and live sound engineer with many years of experience in the field. Marc shared lots of life stories and advice in an open Q&A forum. He discussed various topics ranging from his experiences starting out to his views on the current state of the industry. He shared his opinions on the importance of networking and how he goes about working in a DAW vs on an analog console.

One really interesting point he discussed was how he mixes live during a session so that he has a product to show his clients at the end of his session. Another great point of advice he shared was the importance of knowing your clients well so that you can provide them with what they need without them even having to ask.

Another piece of knowledge he gave that is especially pertinent to audio students in regards to being happy with any gig we get offered is to follow the "Three M's": Music, Mates (friends), and Money. If a gig fulfills at the two of these factors then it will be an enjoyable experience.

Overall, we were incredibly excited to have such a knowledgeable speaker come in and I think we all took a lot away from his presentation. Thank you, Marc, so much!

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