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Atlanta - September 21, 2013

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For the 9th annual student workshop presented by AES Atlanta students were able to attend several diverse classes dealing with audio production.

The first topic was critical listening, and was taught by Jim Anderson. Jim explained the fundamentals of the sound spectrum and frequency bands. He then took the students through several listening examples in which they would have to describe the sonic changes in the material presented.

Audio mixing was taught by Julian King. Julian described to students what a mix is and the preparation necessary to successfully complete one. He incorporated several of his recent projects into the class and provided a real world connection for the students to see.

Pro Tools fundamentals was instructed by Michael Cardillo. Students were able to follow along on individual workstations as Michael showed them basic operation and practical usages.

The final class was an introductory course to recording and basic microphone techniques. Jeff Brugger, Bob Gillespie, Kristy Craft, and Tim Jones demonstrated the differences in microphones as well as when use of each microphone would be appropriate. Student volunteers played together as a live trio while the class recorded their performance.

A panel consisting of all instructors was held at the conclusion of the event. Topics that were covered included education, internships, and their individual careers as audio professionals.

The event was sponsored by The Atlanta Institute Of Music, Atlanta Pro Audio, Comprehensive Technical Group, Steinberg, TechRep Marketing, and Turner Studios.

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