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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - December 19, 2012

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Today our topic of discussion was first music genre followed by office holders talking about some new formats and things we are bringing to the table in 2013. Then we had open discussion. So things kicked off with our music genre. I am sorry I did not get the presenters name he is a new student and slipped out before I had a chance to get his name. His music genre was native american pow-wow music. He gave us an in depth history of what an indian pow-wow is at its true core. Then took us through all of the main traditional dances performed to this musical genre. He himself is native american and told us how he experienced this music throughout his childhood. Then he later in his presentation talked to us about the mix of this genre between tribes across the country and where the pow-wow ended up today. He ended by playing us traditional pow-wow music to put the genre into perspective for everyone who at this point had never been exposed to it. After the music presentation us officers talked for a bit about up and coming plans we have for AES in the new year. We introduced our new gear presentation topic. Urging folk to bring that piece of gear whether it be a DAW, guitar amp, compressor, plug-in, effects processor or whatever audio gear relating to engineering in. We let them know this format would be like the music genre. You bring in the equipment and give us a history and explain how you use it in application in the world of engineering. The first piece of gear being presented at the first AES meeting of the new year will be the Voodoo Lab octave fuzz pedal. The first music genre of the new year presented at the same meeting will be Big Band. After our little discussion we opened the floor to open topic and things got cool. The first topic that was brought up was the new Beats by Dre headphones and whether or not based on their design if they are a good choice for an engineer. Next that led to a conversation about handicaps in music and how deaf people still enjoy music by feeling frequency instead of hearing it. During this pychoacoustics was touched upon at one point as well. Then a more in depth discussion of how frequency effects the human mind and body was brought up. One student named Ike went into detail about how some composers of opera and theater using there technical understand of frequency and theory to virtually touch people emotionally on a sub-conscience level. This led to Hunter having us subject ourselves to a certain frequency. Its a frequency scientist believe have a profound effect on us.

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