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Czech - December 7, 2012

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The meeting of the Czech Section was held on December 7 with the following program:
Pavel Stranák (Czech Radio) — DAB Versus FM: Coexistence or a Silent War??
Josef Žikovský — Improving Listening Conditions in Home Semireverberant Environment
Josef Žikovský — Introduction of a New Book: Zdenek Škvor: Electroacoustics and Acoustics
Jaromír Tužil (Senheiser CR)— Digital Lossless Senheiser Microports
Bedrich Votýpka(NTi Audio) — NTi Audio Products
Tomáš Vojtech (Spectris) — Bruel &Kjaer new products
Lively discussion which followed each presentation prolonged the meeting till late afternoon. During the general assembly all legal procedures for non-profit organizations were performed (elections, yearly accounts, review of activities). The Czech Section Co-founder, Michal Kulhan who died last year shortly after the last general meeting was commemorated.

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