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Atlanta - March 25, 2008

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Mr. Engbretson's, presentation was divided into two parts, "Distortion in Live Sound" and "Advances in Loudspeaker Preconditioning-Line Array Applications.

In the first section he stated his mission to improve the overall professional audio experience. He outlined the various types of distortion: macro and micro temporal distortion, human auditory non-linearity, intermodulation distortion, propagation distortion and device non-linearity. He noted that in many venues sound levels are too high, hearing damage is common place and there are no OSHA requirements for sound levels in the entertainment industry. Solutions offered included improvement of compression drivers, using higher cross-over frequencies for compression drivers, avoiding small box arrays, avoiding extreme levels and paying more attention to overall levels.

In the second part of his presentations he discussed the evolution of loudspeaker line arrays and the variety of approaches to improving uniform sound in venues. He also discussed loudspeaker preconditioning, equalization goals and reshaping arrays using amplitude shading, delay shading and multi EQ.

The AES Atlanta Section would like to thank Comprehensive Technical Group for sponsoring this event.

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