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University of Colorado at Denver - September 18, 2012

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UCD AES Meeting 5PM on Tuesday September 18th

Make sure you get your AES membership!
Sweetwater can give us a discount as members, maybe a large deal if we buy in bulk.

Introductions of officers

Going over the survey results.
Majority vote for Tuesday 5pm and Wednesday 12:30 meeting times.

Studio tour in boulder maybe on october 22nd 23rd, awaiting scheduling

Lets make sure to keep up the flyers in the CORE!

Events wanted by the students:
Seminar of the advantages of using a recording studio compared to a home studio
Gear building
Synth workshops
hands on time with old analog synths
repairing the old synths in the CORE
Soldering workshop
cable building
Studio business practices, how to start your own business/freelance career
Sports live sound tour
Denver performing arts center tour
Room acoustics
Topics classes

Information about attending 2012 AES Convention
funding for the entrance fee

Greetings from students

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