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AES50-2020: AES standard for digital audio engineering - High-resolution multi-channel audio interconnection

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AES50-2020: AES standard for digital audio engineering - High-resolution multi-channel audio interconnection
Printing Date: 2011-09-21
Publication History: Ed.1 2005; Rev. 2011; Stabilized 2017; Rev. 2020
Abstract: This new edition revises AES50-2005 and contains amendments resulting from a real-world implementation of the standard. HRMAI provides a professional multi-channel audio interconnection with a number of distinctive characteristics: • Support for a wide range of commonly-used digital audio coding formats • Low and deterministic latency • Use of ubiquitous ?Category-5? data cable • Interconnect span up to 100 m • High-quality full-duplex clocks transmitted in parallel with audio data • Full-duplex audio interconnection • 5 Mbit/sec full-duplex auxiliary data connection, compatible with Ethernet networks. HRMAI is a high-performance point-to-point audio interconnection rather than a network, although the auxiliary data may operate as a true network, independently of the audio.

Companion document AES-R6-2005 provides additional background information and implementation guidelines.

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