AES 38th International Conference
As part of the conference two workshops sessions are being organized to allow for demonstration and interaction with presenters. These sessions aim to bring an air of informality to the event and allow presenters to share the latest methods and approaches for open discussion.

Workshop 1: Desktop Demonstrations

This desktop demonstration session will provide a platform to present commercial, engineering or scientific approaches to sound quality evaluation that have a degree of novelty.
Chair: Jan Berg
The following presentations are planned:
Stefan Goetze (Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT)):  Speech Intelligibility Prediction (SIP) Toolbox – Quick and Easy Prediction of Speech Quality for All Acoustic Conditions
Schuyler Quackenbush (Audio Research Labs):  STEP: A Program for Subjective Quality Testing
Torben Holm Pedersen (DELTA SenseLab): SenseLabOnline - a rapid solution for online web based listening tests


Workshop 2: Challenges in Sound Quality Evaluation

Sound quality evaluation has undergone important development during the last decades, and still there are challenges to be adressed. This workshop intends to discuss different aspects of sound quality evaluation, e.g. current trends, questions in need of attention and future possibilites.
Francis Rumsey 
Nikolai Kouznetsov
Gaëtan Lorho
Tapio Lokki
Schuyler Quackenbush
Karolina Smeds

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AES - Audio Engineering Society