145th AES CONVENTION Project Studio Expo Recording Stage Session PSE01: The Art of Compression

AES New York 2018
Project Studio Expo Recording Stage Session PSE01

Wednesday, October 17, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (PSE Stage)


PSE01 - The Art of Compression

Jack Joseph Puig, Record Executive/Producer/Mixer - Hollywood, CA, USA

Compression and Limiting

Compression is the only real tool we have that can move the time due to the fact it’s based on time constants. The Art of Compression is not adding lots of level but understanding that compression is dynamic! Compression is not static. EQ is static. The ability to look at it as a shaper of attack and release as it relates to how the ear and brain perceives how instruments and vocals related to each other “time” / “feel” wise is the magic and expert level of compression use.
This does not preclude the importance of raising the “Average/RMS” level!
Or even peak limiting.
Remember in the end we are making music/art that must have a emotional effect on the listener and of course delivering the artist intent emotionally.
I will demonstrate how it is possible to change the feel and why it matters.

Sponsored by Neumann, Shure, SSL

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