145th AES CONVENTION Product Development Track Event PD08: Benefitting from New Loudspeaker Standards

AES New York 2018
Product Development Track Event PD08

Thursday, October 18, 2:45 pm — 4:15 pm (1E09)


Product Development: PD08 - Benefitting from New Loudspeaker Standards

Wolfgang Klippel, Klippel GmbH - Dresden, Germany

This tutorial focuses on the development of new IEC standards, addressing conventional and modern measurement techniques applicable to all kinds of transducers, active and passive loudspeakers and other sound reproduction systems. The first proposed standard (IEC 60268-21) describes important acoustical measurements for evaluating the generated sound field and signal distortion. The second standard (IEC 60268-22) is dedicated to the measurement of electrical and mechanical state variables (e.g. displacement), the identification of lumped and distributed parameters (e.g. T/S) and long-term testing to assess power handling, thermal capabilities, product reliability and climate impact. The third standard (IEC 63034) addresses the particularities of micro-speakers used in mobile and other personal audio devices. The tutorial gives a deeper insight into the background, theory and practical know-how behind those standards and shows the relevance for transducer and system design.

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