145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Pawel Malecki

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Pawel Malecki

Pawel Malecki

Primary Affiliation: AGH University of Science and Technology - Krakow, Poland
AES Member Type: Member

Pawel Malecki was born in Gorlice, Poland in 1985. He received his M.Sc. (Tech.) in mechanics, and Ph.D. degree in vibroacoustics from the AGH University in Cracow, Poland, 2013. His thesis "Evaluation of objective and subjective factors of highly reverberant acoustic field" focused on psychoacoustic aspects of choral music perception in the diffused field. His main research tools
were auralization techniques combined with ambisonics. He works at the AGH University and as a freelancing sound engineer and acoustic consultant. Dr. Malecki has designed the acoustics of the recording studio in the new AGH University Media Center. He was an officer of the Polish Acoustical Society.

Session List

Oct 20: EB07: Posters: Applications in Audio
Music Streaming Platforms—Quality and Technical Comparison (Author)

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