145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Matthew McGlynn

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Matthew McGlynn

Matthew McGlynn

Primary Affiliation: MicParts.com - Sebastopol, CA, USA
Secondary Affiliation: Roswell Pro Audio

Matt McGlynn's first Pro Audio industry project was the RecordingHacks website, which attempted to document every microphone ever made: capsules, circuit topologies, specifications, and reviews. After spending many years working to understand why microphones sound the way they do, he took those insights to the bench to begin developing microphone circuit mods and upgrades. He founded Microphone-Parts.com as a source for affordable large-diaphragm capsules, and later custom circuit kits based on classic vintage designs. The company now focuses on creating all-inclusive DIY microphone kits: LDC FETs with and without transformers, tube mic kits, a suite of SDCs (both Schoeps- and Neumann styles) and an inexpensive medium-diaphragm FET kit designed to give professional quality on a student budget.

McGlynn deeply believes that DIY is the best way for aspiring or established engineers to create a world-class locker of microphones, preamps, and outboard gear. Anyone capable of soldering can invest 2-3 hours' time and build a mic that will stand up to high-budget European studio condensers, at a fraction of the cost.

Customer demand for finished microphones from MicParts.com led McGlynn to start a second microphone company, Roswell Pro Audio. The Roswell product line provides an opportunity to pursue designs and features that are not practical for DIY, but also provides opportunities to apply ideas from the commercial-products side of the business to improve the DIY offerings.

McGlynn has counseled thousands of DIY microphone builders through the selection, build, and troubleshooting processes -- from "what capsule works with this donor mic" to "what mic should I build to complement my locker" to "why is this mic's polarization voltage measuring 10V instead of 60V"? He will draw from that bank of experience to talk about the perils and opportunities of building your own audio equipment.

More Info: http://micparts.com/

Session List

Oct 20: AB07: Build Your Own Recording Equipment (Presenter)

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