145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Joe Malone

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Joe Malone

Joe Malone

Primary Affiliation: JLM Audio - South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Joe Malone – JLM Audio
I was a Front of House engineer for many years and designed and built the equipment I needed to get the best sound I wanted when recording and mastering while also working in my day job of 16 years as Senior Technical Officer Gr2 in Telecommunications at Telstra. My passion for designing quality Audio Equipment turned into JLM Audio 20 years ago. JLM Audio Equipment is not based on one set style of circuitry like most other companies. We use various topologies (Tube, Transistor and IC) and circuitry styles (A, A/B). The combination of these is driven by getting the best sound not the cheapest price. All JLM Audio Equipment is built to last and for ease of servicing with most products also available as a kit for the DIY enthusiasts like me and for affordability.
I've also designed a lot of custom gear such as hundreds of Noiseless Amplifier channels for Dolby Australia & Beijing

More Info: https://www.jlmaudio.com

Session List

Oct 20: AB06: Design and Build Your Own Gear (Presenter)

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