145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Tom Bäckström

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Tom Bäckström

Tom Bäckström

Primary Affiliation: Aalto University - Espoo, Finland

Tom Bäckström is a professor of practice at Aalto University, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, in Espoo, Finland, since 2016. Previously he was professor (2013-2016) and researcher (2008-2013) at the International Audio Laboratories Erlangen, which is a joint research institution of Fraunhofer IIS and the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) in Erlangen, Germany. He obtained his doctorate and master's degrees from Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology) in 2004 and 2001, respectively. His research is focused on speech signal processing, including the coding, analysis, enhancement and modelling of speech, as well as related mathematical methods and audio coding.

More Info: https://research.aalto.fi/portal/tom.backstrom.html

Session List

Oct 20: EB07: Posters: Applications in Audio
Noise Reduction for Randomized Speech and Audio Coding in WASNs (Author)

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