145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Joost Kist

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Joost Kist

Joost Kist

Primary Affiliation: Phantom Sound B.V. - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Secondary Affiliation: TritonAudio. - Alkmaar, Netherlands.
AES Member Type: Member

I was a Medical Doctor for 32 years. Besides my work I was busy with electronica and music. After my retirement I became a professional recording technician of classical music.
Building my own equipment: preamps and ADC's.
As a newcomer, I was surprised by the imperfection of the
P48 power supply.
My solution, a high impedance phantom supply sounds much better. The patent application is granted.
In the workshop I will discuss:
1. theoretical improvement, a spice analysis
2. Independent measurements realised by Dan Foley of Audio Precision
3. P48 compliance test
4. sound samples

Now I am working on the realisation of my idea.

More Info: http://truephantom.nl/

Session List

Oct 19: P12: Transducers—Part 3
Improving Audio Performance of Microphones Using a Novel Approach to Generating 48 Volt Phantom Powering (Author)

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