145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Evangelos Angelakis

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Evangelos Angelakis

Evangelos Angelakis

Primary Affiliation: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - Athens, Greece

Professional Vocal Coaching for Singers and Actors, through a multi-field, versatile method, incorporating traditional and modern techniques, holistic body approach, music technology and latest scientific voice knowledge.

Vocal Coaching Experience:
University of Athens E-learning Program “The Voice in Singing”(2018 - )
Numerous Vocal Seminars to Singers, Actors, Teachers (University of Athens, Athens Science Festival, World Voice Day, Fourni, Crete, Istanbul)
Athens Contemporary Conservatory(2016-2018)
“Theatre of Changes” Drama School(2012-2018)
Alimos Music School(2009-2012)
Centre of Vocal Arts(2004-2012)

Academic Studies:
2018– PhD-Teaching Singing and Music Technology -University of Athens(UoA)
2016-2018 Master of Science in Music Technology –(UoA)
2016– Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology(LabMAT) -(UoA)
1995-1998 Floriculture– Technological Educational Institute of Crete(Sate Scholarship)

Vocal Studies:
1994-2000 Hellenic Conservatoire (Scholarship-Diploma with Honors and First Prize)
1999-2012 Centre of Vocal Arts
2008-2012 Centre of Ancient Music
1994-2012 Various Masterclasses

Other Studies : Piano, Oboe, Harmony, Acting, Dance

• Angelakis, E., «Match Your Own Voice!»: Development and experimental evaluation of an educational application for teaching singing technique. Master Thesis, 2018
• Angelakis, E., “Lyric Voice Education today: Challenges and answers”, Multidisciplinary Workshop ‘Techniques of the Singing Voice: Acoustic and Phoniatric approaches”, Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (LabMAT), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2017
• Angelakis, E., Georgaki, A., Velianitis, P., “«Match Your Own Voice!»: A software tool to assist singing practice on the somatosensory motivation”, Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVOC12), Ghent, Belgium, 2017
• Angelakis, E., Velianitis, P., Andreopoulou, A., & Georgaki, A. "Match Your Own Voice!": An Educational Tool for Vocal Training. Audio Engineering Society Convention 143, New York, 2017.
Opera/Musical roles :
• Aeneas-“Dido and Aeneas” H.Purcell (2017-Technopolis)
• Various Roles-“Sweeney Todd” S.Sondheim (2017-Herodium & Athens Megaron)
• Chino-“West Side Story” L.Bernstein (2016-Athens Megaron)
• Knusperhexe-“Hänsel und Gretel” E.Humperdinck (2014 – 2015-Olvio Theatre)
• Hackerstein-“The Elf” E. Markoulaki (201-Altera Pars Theatre)
• Panagos-“Picnic” Th.Sakelaridis (2014–Athens Megaron)
• Colas-“Les Deux Chasseurs” E.Duni (2011-Athens Hospice Theatre)
• Atys-“Atys” J.B.Lully (2010-Athens Megaron)
• Messenger-"Theodora" G.F.Haendel (2010-Athens Megaron)
• Jason-“Médée” M.A.Charpentier (2009-Athens Megaron)
• Alcandro-“Olympiade” A.Caldara (2009-Athens Megaron & Nafplion Festival)
• Basilio-“Le Nozze di Figaro” W.A.Mozart (2009-Athenaeum)
• Assistant-“Der Zar lasst sich photographieren” K.Weil (2008-Greek National Opera)
• Narrator-“Paigniodos” (2006- Embros Theatre)
• Robert-“Hin und Zuruck” P.Hindemith (2003-Athens Megaron)
• Tamino-“Die Zauberflote” W.A.Mozart (2001-2- Greek National Opera)
• Poet -“Erotokritos” G.Markopoulos (Hellenic Fesival-2000)
• Simeon-"Joseph" A.L.Webber (2000-K.Dandoulaki Theatre)
• Sorceress-“Dido and Aeneas” H.Purcell (1997-Heraclion Festival)

Other Music Professional Experience:
Various Concerts /Singing Recitals
Member of professional choirs (1985-2018): City of Athens, National Opera, National Radio, ect

More Info: http://professionalvocaltraining.com

Session List

Oct 20: P15: Audio Education
Development and Evaluation of an Audio Signal Processing Educational Tool to Support Somatosensory Singing Control (Author)

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