145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: Sungsoo Kim

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

Sungsoo Kim

Sungsoo Kim

Primary Affiliation: New York University - New York, NY, USA

Sungsoo Kim is a master's student in Music Technology at the Steinhardt School, at New York University. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston. At NYU, he concentrates on binaural rendering, 3D audio recording and reproduction for AR/VR, multi-channel upmixing algorithms, and audio encoding and decoding techniques. Sungsoo is an active member of MARL (Music and Audio Research Laboratory) Immersive Audio Group at NYU.

More Info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/skimaudio

Session List

Oct 17: P03: Recording and Production
Subjective Evaluation of Stereo-9.1 Upmixing Algorithms Using Perceptual Band Allocation (Author)

Oct 19: P14: Perception
Evaluation of Additional Virtual Sound Sources in a 9.1 Loudspeaker Configuration (Author)

Oct 19: EB03: Posters: Recording and Production
Stationary Music from Users’ Viewpoint in VR Applications (Author)

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