145th AES CONVENTION Presenters: César Clares-Crespo

AES New York 2018 Presenter or Author

César Clares-Crespo

César Clares-Crespo

Primary Affiliation: University of Alcalá - Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Session List

Oct 18: P08: Acoustics and Signal Processing
Combining the Signals of Sound Sources Separated from Different Nodes after a Pairing Process Using an STFT-Based GCC-PHAT (Author)

Oct 18: P11: Applications in Audio
Solar Powered Autonomous Node for Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks Based on ARM Cortex M4 (Author)

Oct 19: P14: Perception
Analysis of the performance of Evolved Frequency Log-Energy Coefficients in Hearing Aids for different Cost Constraints and Scenarios (Author)

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