145th AES CONVENTION Sound Reinforcement Track Event SR07: Intercom Systems Super Session

AES New York 2018
Sound Reinforcement Track Event SR07

Friday, October 19, 1:45 pm — 5:00 pm (1E10)

Sound Reinforcement: SR07 - Intercom Systems Super Session

Peter Erskine, Best Audio - Mt. Vernon, NY, USA
Jim Andersen, RTS - Lincoln, NE, USA
David Beckwith, Riedel
Charles Downs, Owner, Unity Intercom
Craig Fredrickson, ClearCom
Scott Gillman, RTS
Donald Kuser, III, Radio Active Designs - New York, NY, USA
Michael Marston, Sales, Unity Intercom - Norman, OK, USA
Mark Rehfuss, Pliant Technologies - Auburn, AL, USA; Savannah, GA, USA
Gary Rosen, Pliant Technologies - Auburn, AL, USA; Agoura Hills, CA
Rom Rosenblum, Clear-Com Communications - Alameda, CA, USA
Rick Seegull, Riedel Communications - Burbank, CA, USA
Geoffrey Shearing, Radio Active Designs - East Rutherford, NJ, USA
Ken Smalley, RTS - Kinnelon, NJ, USA

An in depth look and comparison of the major wireless intercom systems available today including their associated control platforms and user interfaces. Working systems will be presented by their respective manufacturer product specialists. Currently confirmed manufacturers include Clear-Com, Pliant Technologies, Radio Active Designs, Riedel, RTS, and Unity Intercom.

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