145th AES CONVENTION Game Audio & XR Track Event GA03: Anatomy of Great Voice Over: A Casting & Recording Primer

AES New York 2018
Game Audio & XR Track Event GA03

Thursday, October 18, 9:00 am — 10:00 am (1E08)


Game Audio & XR: GA03 - Anatomy of Great Voice Over: A Casting & Recording Primer

Andrea Toyias, Blizzard Entertainment - Irvine, CA, USA

Game dialogue is one of the final ingredients that breathes life into a video game. The story flows, the gameplay engages, and the characters come to life through memorable VO performances. . . thus, bringing depth and immersion to the overall experiences. Andrea Toyias will bring her 10 years as Head of the VO department at Blizzard Entertainment to give you tools, tips, and insights on how to best create the vocal performances you are after. Topics will include: how to fully flesh out characters specs when casting; what to listen for when auditioning; best ways to prep for a recording session; and how to successfully work with voice actors in order to better create, collaborate and experiment with them so you can bring your vision to life in new and exciting ways. The relationship between game team, director, and talent will be broken down, examined, and explored in its purest form.

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