145th AES CONVENTION Broadcast & Online Delivery Track Event B04: OTT Loudness Is Critical to Content Providers, Distributors and Audiences Alike

AES New York 2018
Broadcast & Online Delivery Track Event B04

Wednesday, October 17, 4:15 pm — 5:45 pm (1E07)

Broadcast & Online Delivery: B04 - OTT Loudness Is Critical to Content Providers, Distributors and Audiences Alike

Jim Starzynski, NBCUniversal - New York, NY, USA; ATSC Group - Washington D.C.
Robert Bleidt, Fraunhofer USA Digital Media Technologies - San Jose, CA, USA
Scott Kramer, Netflix - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Scott Norcross, Dolby Laboratories - San Francisco, CA, USA
Sean Richardson, Starz Entertainment - Denver, CO, USA

OTT (over the top television) and OVD (online video distribution) are the two preeminent services that are the focus of this important session on loudness of streaming video content.

Essential documents like The Advanced Television Systems Committee’s (ATSC) A/85 provides the solution to government’s concern with over the air (OTA) and cable loudness raised by the CALM Act. AES-71 takes loudness a step further, recommending OTA’s successful international practices and more, to address audio of online OTT and OVD content.

This session will give background on how ATSC A85, EBU r128, Japan’s ARIB TR-832 and Free TV Australia’s OP-59 were the basis for creating OTT / OVD loudness specs and how an international group of audio experts developed these current streaming guidelines.

Content consumed on phones, tablets, and devices with varied fidelity even further motivate the need to optimize loudness, dynamic range, and the listening experience. The Consumer Technology Association has stepped up and supports R4WG8, their group made up of these familiar audio experts determined to complete the OTT loudness initiative by creating a standard for the audio design of these devices.

Come and participate with a distinguished expert panel and learn how and why standardizing audio quality for OTT is so vital to content creators, distributors and their audiences. Review the practical business ramifications and technical framework required to implement AES-71, the loudness recommended practice of the AES standards organization, intended to optimize listening and avert any potential OTT loudness concerns. Hear about each expert panelist’s unique perspective on the topic.

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Broadcast and Online Delivery

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