143rd AES CONVENTION Tutorial & Workshop TW13: Insights on Collaboration in Commercial Music Production

AES New York 2017
Tutorial & Workshop TW13

Saturday, October 21, 3:15 pm — 4:45 pm (Rm 1E07 (5.1))

TW13 - Insights on Collaboration in Commercial Music Production

Rob Toulson, University of Westminster - London, UK
Steve Baughman, Next Level Mastering - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Trevor Gibson, Circle Studios - Birmingham, UK
Adam Gonsalves, Telegraph Mastering - Portland, OR, USA
Mandy Parnell, Black Saloon Studios - London, UK

Collaboration takes many forms in contemporary music production. Building effective professional relationships can be the secret to success in modern music production, even in a world where autonomous working is more possible than ever. For example, we see engineers collaborate and co-produce with artists, electronic producers working remotely with session musicians, and self-producing artists nurturing their product alone through the recording mixing and mastering chain. In this workshop we explore the contemporary practices of collaboration in music production, particularly reflecting on technologies and tools that have enabled new frameworks for communication and co-working. We will look at methods of the past that have perhaps been lost, and evaluate the education needs to enable new artists and producers to be successful in their careers.

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