AES New York 2017

Friday, October 20, 3:15 pm — 6:00 pm (Rm 1E15/16)

SE09 - DTVAG AES Forum

Tim Carroll, Dolby Laboratories - San Francisco, CA, USA
Roger Charlesworth, DTV Audio Group - New York, NY, USA
Michael Englehaupt, Chief Technology Officer, Graham Media Group
Stacey Foster, Saturday Night Live
Jackie Green, Alteros - Stow, OH, USA
Scott Norcross, Dolby Laboratories - San Francisco, CA, USA
Jeffrey Riedmiller, Dolby Laboratories - San Francisco, CA USA
Sean Richardson, Starz Entertainment - Englewood CO, USA
Tom Sahara, Turner Sports Vice President, Operations and Technology, Turner Sports - Atlanta, GA, USA
Steve Silva, Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Fox Networks - Los Angeles, CA, USA
Jim Starzynski, Director and Principal Audio Engineer, NBCUniversal - New York, NY, USA
James Stoffo, Radio Active Designs - Key West, FL, USA

Television Audio in the Streaming Age: Mobile Takes the Forefront and the Spectrum Crunch Arrives

The explosion of television streaming is rapidly eclipsing traditional over-the-air broadcasting and MVPD distribution. While streaming opens the door to new features of personalization, accessibility, and immersive sound, the growing proliferation of mobile and fixed devices challenge us to adapt content to a range of listening conditions while attempting to maintain consistency and protect the creative intent of content providers.

“The impact of streaming has up-ended the entire television industry. The migration from traditional broadcasting to an IP stream-based model will continue to accelerate the uptake of advanced encoding solutions with sophisticated audio services while creating new challenges of providing quality and consistency across an ever-widening range of device and environments.”~ Roger Charlesworth, Executive Director, DTV Audio Group

Please join the DTVAG for a discussion of these and other important television audio issues. Discussion topics will include:
The Big Convergence: Streaming technology, social media, and IP infrastructure are beginning to converge to enhance the personalization of television content. To what degree will proliferating smart devices and aps connect with the growing intelligent media cloud to enable “self-driving” enhanced audio features? How are mobile video players and technology providers coming together with content creators to evolve our television listening experience?
The Challenges of Loudness and DRC Management in Mobile: As the center of gravity for television viewing shifts to mobile experiences, are the tools in place to appropriately manage target playback loudness and dynamic range for a variety of listening scenarios? Can existing metadata tools be better leveraged to address current challenges? What are the prospects for new CODEC-independent loudness and DRC metadata approaches?
Phase Zero: The Wireless Spectrum Crunch Starts Now: With the spectrum auction completed and carriers already rolling out services in their newly acquired 600 MHz blocs, production using wireless is already getting a lot trickier in some places. As the rollout in open blocs continues, and as stations begin to exit their existing allocations, things are about to get much more crowded. How bad will the crunch get and what emerging technologies or evolving practices can help to ease the inevitable crowding?

The DTV Audio Group Forum at AES is produced in association with the Sports Video Group and is sponsored by: Calrec, DAD, Dale Pro Audio, DiGiCo, Dolby Laboratories, Lawo Sanken

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