143rd AES CONVENTION Spatial Audio Track Event SA13: 3D Ambeo Live and Studio Recordings

AES New York 2017
Spatial Audio Track Event SA13

Saturday, October 21, 10:45 am — 11:45 am (Rm 1E06 - PMC Room)

Spatial Audio: SA13 - 3D Ambeo Live and Studio Recordings

Gregor Zielinsky, Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG - Germany
Jim Anderson, Anderson Audio NY - New York, NY, USA; Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, New York University - New York, NY, USA
Ulrike Schwarz, Anderson Audio NY - New York, NY, USA

Live recording experts Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz of Anderson Audio New York captured this year’s Chelsea Music Festival for delivery via Sennheiser’s immersive Ambeo 3D audio format and will present this at the session.

Host Gregor Zielinsky of Sennheiser will present further examples of live and studio Ambeo productions. Also, the MLH 800 Twin plug in, will be explained and presented in a live session. This free Plug In makes the work with the double capsule/two way output MKH 800 Twin much easier and more flexible.

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