143rd AES CONVENTION Spatial Audio Track Event SA08: Immersive Audio for Music—Why Do It?

AES New York 2017
Spatial Audio Track Event SA08

Friday, October 20, 1:45 pm — 3:15 pm (Rm 1E13)

Spatial Audio: SA08 - Immersive Audio for Music—Why Do It?

Stefan Bock, msm-studios GmbH - Munich, Germany
Morten Lindberg, 2L (Lindberg Lyd AS) - Oslo, Norway
Daniel Shores, Sono Luminus - Boyce, VA, USA; Shenandoah Conservatory Music Production and Recording Technology - Winchester, VA, USA

The panel will discuss concepts in the future of immersive music. They will explore ideas in how to reach the masses, explain the current efforts, and the challenges of reaching the consumers. But most of all, they will examine the question; “why are we doing it?”

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