143rd AES CONVENTION Sound Reinforcement Session SR07: AC Power, Grounding, and Shielding

AES New York 2017
Sound Reinforcement Session SR07

Friday, October 20, 10:45 am — 12:15 pm (Rm 1E09)

SR07 - AC Power, Grounding, and Shielding

Bruce Olson
Bill Whitlock, Whitlock Consulting - Oxnard, CA, USA

There is a lot of misinformation about what is needed for AC power for events. Much of it has to do with life-threatening advice. This panel will discuss how to provide AC power properly and safely and without having noise problems. This session will cover power for small to large systems, from a couple boxes on sticks up to multiple stages in ballrooms, road houses, and event centers; large scale installed systems, including multiple transformers and company switches, service types, generator sets, 1ph, 3ph, 240/120 208/120. Get the latest information on grounding and typical configurations the two leading experts in this field.

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