143rd AES CONVENTION Project Studio Expo Session Details

AES New York 2017
Project Studio Expo Session Details

Wednesday, October 18, 10:30 am — 11:15 am (Stage 2)


PSE01 - A Conversation with Joe Chiccarelli

Joe Chiccarelli, Producer, mixer, engineer - Boston, MA, USA

Actual time is 10:25 am – 11:05 am.


Wednesday, October 18, 11:15 am — 12:00 pm (Stage 2)


PSE02 - Making the Best of It

Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound - UK

In an ideal world we’d all be recording the Beatles in Abbey Road. In the real world we need to make a living, and that means recording anyone who walks through the studio door. And even if they’ll never be the Fab Four, it’s our job to make their music sound the best it can. In this seminar, SOS Features Editor Sam Inglis offers proven strategies to get the best from musicians who are inexperienced, unconventional, nervous or just plain bad!


Wednesday, October 18, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE03 - Creativity in Production

Michael Brauer, Michael Brauer - New York, NY, USA


Wednesday, October 18, 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm (Stage 2)


PSE04 - The 5 Most Common Recording Mistakes

Mike Senior, Sound On Sound - Munich, Germany; Cambridge Music Technology

Tearing your hair out at mixdown? Then you've probably fallen into one of the classic project-studio traps during tracking.
Learn what they are—and, more importantly, how to avoid them—in this down-to-earth workshop with Sound On Sound magazine's "Session Notes" and "Mix Rescue" columnist Mike Senior.


Wednesday, October 18, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Stage 2)

PSE05 - Future Proofing and Expanding Your Recording Set Up

This presentation will provide an overview of the benefits of a Dante-networking system, no matter what your workflow or DAW. The Dante protocol lets you run additional channels over great distances, with low latency and lower cost, without wasting money on technology or connectivity that will not be used. Focusrite will show you how you can future-proof your set up with its Red range of Dante / Pro Tools | HD interfaces, featuring superior quality and I/O flexibility. Red interfaces are the perfect balance of form and function, delivering the sound quality and versatility engineers and producers expect from Focusrite.


Wednesday, October 18, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE06 - A Musician's Guide to Caring for Your Recordist

Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine - Portland, OR, USA; Jackpot! Recording Studio

Tape Op’s editor/founder, Larry Crane, will be giving suggestions for musicians heading into the studio on how to get more out of their recording sessions by treating the recordist with mutual respect and setting them up to do their best work.


Wednesday, October 18, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Stage 2)

PSE17 - Programming Audio Specific DSPs Using a GUI Based Programming Tool to Optimize Code Development

Miguel Chavez, Analog Devices
David Thibodeau

Analog Devices Inc., will be demonstrating the SigmaStudio GUI based programming tool used to program the SigmaDSP line of digital signal processors. These processors are optimized for processing audio and include some micro-controller like features. The SigmaDSP line of products produced by Analog Devices INC., are a range of products starting with small cost-efficient DSPs with integrated analog and digital converters to large powerful DSPs that can interface to a wide variety of converters and other audio processing systems like Bluetooth and audio networks. The processors include integrated general purpose input and outputs (GPIO) to simplify interfacing to control switches and potentiometers for the adjustments of DSP parameters in real time. The higher-end processors are also capable of many micro-controller-like functions such as booting up external codecs (ADC and DAC ICs) and polling external ICs for errors. Most of the SigmaDSP products are capable of self-booting using an external EEPROM to enable the design of standalone systems that boot themselves and operate without a system controller. Of course, system controllers can be utilized for advanced system solutions.
Our demonstration will consist of developing an application using SigmaStudio starting from a blank file and coming up with a functioning solution and programming it into an EEPROM while you watch. Other more advanced concepts will be detailed using prepared projects that showcase capabilities and ease of programming.


Thursday, October 19, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm (Stage 2)


PSE07 - Finesse the Mess: Maximizing Your Creative Process

Joe Carroll, Manhattan Producers Alliance - New York, NY, USA

We have best practices for miking techniques and mixing, and tips and hacks for using every piece of gear in the studio. However, the most essential item in every studio Is one that we rarely talk about: your brain.
If you have struggled with "writers block," agonized over the final "finishing touches" of a project or had a conflict with a co-writer or collaborator this event is for you.
Our group of creatives will discuss best practices for collecting, cultivating and manipulating ideas and provide a framework for expanding your personal creativity. In addition, we hope offer some tools for working with collaborators and navigating the creative process.


Thursday, October 19, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE08 - Monitoring Workshop

Aki Mäkivirta, Genelec Oy - Iisalmi, Finland

Reliable monitoring is the key to transforming your creative ideas to recordings that deliver your artistic intensions in all environments. Meet Aki Mäkivirta of Genelec and hear about the essentials of setting up monitoring that delivers in your room. Get an overview of the typical pitfalls and how to avoid them. From stereo to 3D immersive monitoring, systematic approach to setting up and calibrating monitoring systems pays off by making your work faster enabling you to concentrate on the essential – creating the content.


Thursday, October 19, 2:00 pm — 2:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE09 - How to Make Your Vocal Twice as Good

Jack Joseph Puig, Record Executive/Producer/Mixer - Hollywood, CA, USA

Multi Grammy Award winner Jack Joseph Puig, has had a successful and varied career, having worked with blues legend Eric Clapton and John Mayer; with roots rock revisionists like The Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow and The Counting Crows; with pop superstars like The Goo Goo Dolls, Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, and The Pussycat Dolls; country artists like Keith Urban, Faith Hill, and Sugarland, indie heroes Chris Isaak, Jellyfish, Dinosaur Jr, Guided By Voices, Beck, and as well as the Black Eyed Peas to Green Day, No Doubt, 311, U2, Weezer, Fiona Apple, Klaxons, Fergie, Mary J Blidge, Panic at the Disco and The Rolling Stones. In the process of building such a catalogue, Puig has won himself a Grammy Award and a strong reputation as a sound engineer.


Thursday, October 19, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE10 - A Conversation with Elliot Scheiner

Elliot Scheiner, Producer - USA


Thursday, October 19, 4:00 pm — 4:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE11 - Mixing Lead Vocals: Power-User Tips for Competing with the Pros

Mike Senior, Sound On Sound - Munich, Germany; Cambridge Music Technology

How can you maximize the hit potential of your lead vocals at mixdown? Join Sound On Sound magazine's "Mix Rescue" and "MixReview" columnist Mike Senior as he shares powerful insider techniques that can give your productions that competitive edge.


Thursday, October 19, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Stage 2)

PSE12 - James McKinney & Scott Jacoby - Anguilla Music Academy Project

Scott Jacoby, Producer - USA
James McKinney, Eusonia Studios - USA


Friday, October 20, 10:15 am — 12:00 pm (Stage 2)

PSE13 - New Frontiers in Project Studios

John Storyk, Architect, Studio Designer and Principal, Walters-Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA
Peter Hylenski, Sound Designer - New York, NY, USA
Eddie Kramer, Remark Music Ltd. - Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Scott M. Riesett, Producer/Engineer - New York, NY, USA
David Rosenthal, Musical Director - New York, NY, USA

Today’s creative expectations, production methodologies, technology innovations, and business models has opened new frontiers for recording studios and particularly in the “Project Studio.” In recent years, street buzz on the demise of the traditional recording studio has fostered a misperception of imminent extinction for the whole category. In fact, more studios are being built today than ever. What has and continues to change are the conventional business and production models and, the tools employed by artists, engineers and producers to record, mix, master and distribute their work in creative, cost effective and, sonically brilliant formats. This evolution continues to produce shifts in thinking about studio size, acoustic requirements, and architectural ergonomics. This 90-minute presentation will explore:
• Novel pre-fab acoustical treatments for low frequency control in small rooms;
• Creative design tips for maximizing limited space;
• Case Studies of recent project studio installations including previously unpublished photos and floor plans.


Friday, October 20, 1:00 pm — 1:45 pm (Stage 2)


PSE14 - Creative Processing for Ambient Music Production

Paul White, Sound On Sound - UK

Covering the creation of sound beds from instruments, vocals, and "found sounds" with the use of processing, ambient treatments for conventional instruments such as guitar and piano, the creative abuse of pitch correction, favorite processing tools, utilizing mechanical and domestic sounds, creating "ear candy" or sonic punctuation through manipulation of short sounds extracts. Techniques for the mixing of ambient music will be covered, as well as specific treatments for bass and rhythm sounds.


Friday, October 20, 1:45 pm — 3:00 pm (Stage 2)

PSE15 - Fab Dupont and Special Guest Ann Mincieli: The Special Sauce for Mixing a Hit Record

Fab Dupont, Flux Studios - New York, NY, USA; Flux Studios
Ann Mincieli, Jungle City Studios - New York, NY, USA

Producer Fab Dupont (Mark Ronson, Jennifer Lopez) talks with Ann Mincieli (Beyoncé, Alicia Keys) as they walk through one of today’s hottest tracks. Hear how the pros approach crafting a hit with the same tools available to you and what that "special sauce" is too.


Friday, October 20, 3:15 pm — 4:15 pm (Stage 2)

PSE16 - Gear Club Podcast Special Event

John Agnello, Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth - New York, NY, USA
Stewart Lerman, Producer - New York, NY, USA

John Agnello is a New York City based music producer, engineer and mixer. His career started at the legendary Record Plant, where he worked on acclaimed albums by Cyndi Lauper, Aerosmith, and John Mellencamp. Since then he has worked with alt rock legends, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Son Volt and Patti Smith and up and comers such as Phosphorescent, Kurt Vile and Twin Peaks.

Stewart Lerman is a 2x Grammy winning music producer, engineer and mixer based out of New York City. He has worked with Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin, Neko Case, Sharon Van Etten, Patti Smith, The Roches, Antony and the Johnsons, and David Byrne. His film and tv credits include The Royal Tenenbaums, The Aviator, Cafe Society, and HBO's Vinyl, Grey Gardens and Boardwalk Empire.

Jack Douglas is a Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer, who worked with John Lennon to engineer Imagine, as well as many other artists including Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and Patti Smith.


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