143rd AES CONVENTION Project Studio Expo Session PSE17: Programming Audio Specific DSPs Using a GUI Based Programming Tool to Optimize Code Development

AES New York 2017
Project Studio Expo Session PSE17

Wednesday, October 18, 5:00 pm — 5:45 pm (Stage 2)

PSE17 - Programming Audio Specific DSPs Using a GUI Based Programming Tool to Optimize Code Development

Miguel Chavez, Analog Devices
David Thibodeau

Analog Devices Inc., will be demonstrating the SigmaStudio GUI based programming tool used to program the SigmaDSP line of digital signal processors. These processors are optimized for processing audio and include some micro-controller like features. The SigmaDSP line of products produced by Analog Devices INC., are a range of products starting with small cost-efficient DSPs with integrated analog and digital converters to large powerful DSPs that can interface to a wide variety of converters and other audio processing systems like Bluetooth and audio networks. The processors include integrated general purpose input and outputs (GPIO) to simplify interfacing to control switches and potentiometers for the adjustments of DSP parameters in real time. The higher-end processors are also capable of many micro-controller-like functions such as booting up external codecs (ADC and DAC ICs) and polling external ICs for errors. Most of the SigmaDSP products are capable of self-booting using an external EEPROM to enable the design of standalone systems that boot themselves and operate without a system controller. Of course, system controllers can be utilized for advanced system solutions.
Our demonstration will consist of developing an application using SigmaStudio starting from a blank file and coming up with a functioning solution and programming it into an EEPROM while you watch. Other more advanced concepts will be detailed using prepared projects that showcase capabilities and ease of programming.

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