143rd AES CONVENTION Project Studio Expo Session PSE07: Finesse the Mess: Maximizing Your Creative Process

AES New York 2017
Project Studio Expo Session PSE07

Thursday, October 19, 10:30 am — 12:00 pm (Stage 2)


PSE07 - Finesse the Mess: Maximizing Your Creative Process

Joe Carroll, Manhattan Producers Alliance - New York, NY, USA

We have best practices for miking techniques and mixing, and tips and hacks for using every piece of gear in the studio. However, the most essential item in every studio Is one that we rarely talk about: your brain.
If you have struggled with "writers block," agonized over the final "finishing touches" of a project or had a conflict with a co-writer or collaborator this event is for you.
Our group of creatives will discuss best practices for collecting, cultivating and manipulating ideas and provide a framework for expanding your personal creativity. In addition, we hope offer some tools for working with collaborators and navigating the creative process.

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