143rd AES CONVENTION Project Studio Expo Session PSE05: Future Proofing and Expanding Your Recording Set Up

AES New York 2017
Project Studio Expo Session PSE05

Wednesday, October 18, 3:00 pm — 3:45 pm (Stage 2)

PSE05 - Future Proofing and Expanding Your Recording Set Up

This presentation will provide an overview of the benefits of a Dante-networking system, no matter what your workflow or DAW. The Dante protocol lets you run additional channels over great distances, with low latency and lower cost, without wasting money on technology or connectivity that will not be used. Focusrite will show you how you can future-proof your set up with its Red range of Dante / Pro Tools | HD interfaces, featuring superior quality and I/O flexibility. Red interfaces are the perfect balance of form and function, delivering the sound quality and versatility engineers and producers expect from Focusrite.

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