143rd AES CONVENTION Presenters: David Cawley

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David Cawley

David Cawley

Primary Affiliation: Timestep - Dartmouth, Devon, UK
AES Member Type: Member
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Dave Cawley has worked in audio from the days when home tape recorders were the fashion and still has the wrist action to lap tape heads to perfection. Many years in both the HiFi and communications industry resulted in a contract as a trouble shooter for the Inmarsat Corporation and re-starting a production line in Tokyo. In 2001 Dave developed an interest in restoring old records and came across the Owl 1 and Owl Multifilter. Realising that they were all old and had not been produced for decades Dave sought out the designer Tom Owen and met him at the 2013 AES Convention in New York. Tom passed over to Dave his own hand drawn schematics.

Dave's core love is analogue electronic design coupled with low noise and distortion, his laboratory has many pieces of exotic test equipment and collecting them has almost become an obsession. Dave is able to fully restore the Technics SP-15 and to provide advice on almost anything electronic for the archiving and restoration of old records and cylinders. Needless to say Dave is a full member of the AES.

Session List

Oct 18: AR01: Get into the Groove: A Panel Discussion on Grooved Media (Panelist)

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